Tarpaper Recycling


Tarpaper Recycling is among the first in the world to have systematically established a recycling process for roofing felt waste. Read more here on the page.

Tarpaper Recycling

Environmentally disposal and recycling of roofing felt waste reduces the damage on the surroundings

Tarpaper Recycling ApS is one of the first companies in the world that has systematically established a process for recycling roofing felt waste.

Roofing felt waste has until now, been deposited on junk yards or has been combusted.

It is a large environmental gain to be able to offer the waste producers, the possibility to collect and recycle.

This harmonizes completely with Ministry of Environment in Denmark and their priorities.

Tarpaper Recycling has established a partner membership in the value chain in offering, handling, treating and recycle roofing felt waste in asphalt production.

The Danish Ministry of Environment has an aim to expand recycling of materials and reduce deposits. Roofing felt waste has traditionally been deposited on junk yards or have been combusted in waste facilities.

Tarpaper Recycling ApS moves the product from the junk yard to recycling of material in the process of of reusing the bitumen. This helps the environment and reduces the CO2 emission.

The legislation in Denmark is clear that if recycling is possible it shall be made instead of being deposited or combusted.

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