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At Tarpaper Recycling, our great passion is to run businesses that make life greener. On this page you can read more about the benefits of green asphalt.

100% bitumen recycling

Great savings for asphalt producers, CO2 reduction and resource efficiency!

Roofing felt contains 55% bitumen and thus far more than recycled asphalt, whichis traditionally used as a substitute for virgin bitumen. BitumenMix canreplace a larger part of the virgin bitumen in asphalt and thus ensure resourceefficiency. 50% of virgin bitumen in asphalt can be replaced by recycledbitumen from roofing felt. There are therefore great environmental and economicbenefits when recycling bituminous materials.

Economic benefit
Since up to 50% of the virgin bitumen in asphalt can be replaced byBitumenMix, there are great savings to be obtained. By adding 2% bitumen fromBitumenMix asphalt producers could potentially save between 350,000 and 400,000EUR per year. See price example below.

Cost - 100% virgin bitumen
  • % Bitumen from RAP 1,2%
  • % Virgin bitumen 3,8 %
  • Price / ton bitumen € 360
  • Total cost / year bitumen € 1.368.000
Cost - Mix of BitumenMix and virgin bitumen
  • % Bitumen from RAP 1,2%
  • % bitumen from BitumenMIx 2 %
  • % virgin bitumen 1,8 %
  • Price / ton BitumenMix € 59

    55% bitumen

  • Total cost / year BitumenMix & Virgin bitumen € 864.000
Costs saving = € 504.000,00
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Environmental benefit

Traditionelt er tagpap-affald kørt på deponi eller til forbrænding. Sammenlignet med traditionel behandling af tagpap-affald spares der 60 kg. CO2 per ton produceret asfalt med tagpap-granulat. Ved en produktion af 100.000 tons asfalt vil man således have bidraget med en besparelse på 6.000 tons CO2.

Societal benefit

Recycled roofing felt waste reduces the pressure on the waste management systemand we contribute to establishing a sustainable society focusing on circularsolutions.